44mm Florence Single Panel Oak Grained Exclusive Grey Range

per sq. meter

Additional: Raised Feature

Disclaimer We cannot guarantee the brochure colours will be an exact match to the actual product. Selection prior to fitting is the sole responsibility of the installer and end user.

80 x 34 2032 x 864
80 x 32 2032 x 813
78 x 30 1981 x 762
78 x 28 1981 x 711
78 x 26 1981 x 660
78 x 24 1981 x 610
78 x 33 1981 x 838
78 x 27 1981 x 686
Estimated Price:

The Florance grey interior door will add character to your room. It complements your existing interior decor. The intricate pattern of the Oak Grain creates a truly unique design. Because adding it enhances the quality appearance of the door and creating a striking central feature. The raised inset feature of the Florence grey interior door will add a designer look and style to any surroundings. It creates a look that is unique in today’s market. We can also supply mouldings to further enhance your door. Or why not look at out white mouldings for contrast. Internal doors do far more than shut out draughts.  They add an individual touch to the home that truly reflects personality and style.


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