Argenta Invisidoor DL Sliding Door System

per sq. meter

Details :

The argenta invisidoor is an invisible aluminum frame for revolving interior doors. Because the frame can be plastered, it is possible to create a purely aesthetic home or space. An invisidoor is nicely in line with the wall, so that you can use the space creatively.

Estimated Price:



  • No visible frame around the door due to the invisible aluminum frame
  • Supplied as standard with a paintable primer layer (all RAL colors are possible in powder coating on request)

Efficient placement

  • It is possible to install the invisidoor before or after plastering

Universally applicable

  • For all standard and non-standard doorways
  • For both masonry and plasterboard walls
  • Suitable for both new construction and renovation projects


  • Wide choice of standard sizes
  • Also for floor-to-ceiling doors
  • You can easily saw/adjust the top rail (width) yourself

Little chance of cracks in the adhesive thanks to

  • Sturdy construction of the frame (integrated corner connection)
  • Stable profile
  • Sturdy and easy attachment to the wall by screws or by means of dowels
  • Special dovetail profiling for good adhesion of PU foam and plaster


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