Rhino Silver Heavy Duty Underlay 1mx3mm (10sqm Roll H/Duty)

per sq. meter

This is a heavy duty silver-lined and rubber-backed underlay. The rolls are 1m x 10m x 3mm. This impact sound resistant underlay will suit upstairs areas or apartments. An added silver-foiled back helps to provide slight thermal qualities. This underlay is not suitable for underfloor heating.

Estimated Price:
  • Natural rubber with integrated backing and aluminium vapour barrier
  • Prolongs the serviceable life of any floor covering
  • Prevents overstraining of the floor boards
  • Weight 2.1kg/m²
  • Excellent impact sound insulation – 21dB
  • Footfall sound improvement – reduction by up to 20%
  • Permanent pressure resistance – 2KN/m² – 5KN/m²
  • Thermal Resistance (R-Value) – 0.16 m²/K/W
  • Tog Value – 1.6


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